Soil Test Pro

Soil Testing The best tool for precision soil sampling. Pull GPS referenced soil or tissue samples, choose a lab from our recommended list (yours is probably on there) and ship your samples. Lab results post directly to your web headquarters, FAST (5-7 days). Working with our Precision Ag Specialists, create precision maps and files with your lab recommendations. FarmLogic customers report cost savings of $5.00 or more per acre. With FarmLogic you are in control of your nutrient management needs.

How It Works

Learn how the FarmPAD Soil Testing system can save you money and maximize yields.
Soil Sampling - Why Soil Sample

Soil Sampling Tips

Learn how to collect good, accurate soil samples.
Soil Sampling - How To Soil Sample

Soil Test Pro

Soil Test Pro - Mobile Soil Sampling for Android & iPhoneThis gps enabled mobile app makes soil testing easier than ever.
Soil Test Pro - Mobile Soil Sampling for Android & iPhone