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As part of the FarmLogic product line, Soil Test Pro makes soil sampling easier than ever for our customers. Not a FarmLogic customer? Start your FREE trial today.

By using Soil Test Pro, not only will you save money, but we think you'll do a better job sampling your fields, because after all, who knows them better than you.

FarmLogic supports most Soil Testing labs in the US. A 5 acre grid with a standard test at most labs is $3 per acre, but due to the number of labs and different tests available at each lab, call 866-761-8001 for specific pricing information.

FarmLogic's Soil Test Pro App.  Now available in the iTunes App Store. FarmLogic's Soil Test Pro App.  Now available in the Android Market.


  • In the field, on your smart phone or tablet PC:
    • Work without cellular service
    • Draw field boundaries with GPS
    • High contrast viewing for better visibility in sunlight
    • Choose any grid size
    • GPS Located bag numbers simplify sampling
    • Save time. Customers report 100-150 acres per hour on a 5 acre grid
  • At your desk, on your FarmLogic web account:
    • Print shipping sheets to send to the lab with your samples
    • View and print lab results/analysis
    • View and print fertilizer recommendation maps
    • View and print your fields maps
    • Export variable rate controller files
    • Draw field boundaries
    • Data backup
  • Unlimited access to FarmLogic's Precision Ag Specialists
  • Aerial imagery of all maps
  • Unlimited farms and fields
  • Get test results fast in 5-7 days
  • View complete soil testing history

We gladly welcome any feedback or suggestions for Soil Test Pro. Please feel free to contact us at 866-761-8001 or